ASANA: Free Program to Organize Your Life

ASANA: Free Program to Organize Your Life

ASANA recently came into my life & I’ve been enjoying it!  No – I’m not talking about some newfangled fad or abstract concept.  I’m talking about a new user-friendly program online that can help you organize your goals & keep you on track!  Asana is a task-managing software that allows you to make your “to-do lists” with more success! I am a lover or “lists” so this particular idea is a home-run for me.

Categorization: You can categorize them by the area of your life – home, work, hobby, financial, etc.

Organization:  You can order them however you want.  You can view in multiple ways to keep you focused. You can give them due dates, priority, etc.

Collaboration:  You can get others involved in the process.  If you’re on a team, in a band, running a household, etc. – you can post tasks on there to be picked up by people at random or assigned to specific folks.

Details:  Grocery Lists, ideas, specific instructions  – all can be uploaded to a specific task. Plans & ideas for events, crafts, remodeling, meals/entertainment – – whatever – can be added to tasks very easily.

Goals: It’s almost like the New Year’s Resolution just got a makeover.  You can figure out when you want certain projects done to give you something to work toward.

Stress-Relief:  Knowing what’s going on & that you’re on top of things is an automatic stress-reliever.  However, you can also use this to make sure you are setting aside important stress-relieving activities in your life!

Reminders:  When something’s coming up – it will let you know.  If you didn’t check off something/complete it – it will let you know….. many times!

Accessibility:  You only need an email to join. You do have to have the internet if you want to access your ASANA.  However, copying & pasting your daily to-do list is very easy on this site.

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