Affresh: How to Disinfect your Washing Machine!

Affresh: How to Disinfect your Washing Machine!

We don’t think about it, but because our washing machine is exposed to so much moisture & grime from our clothes, all those tiny holes can get build-up and residue inside.  After hearing about them in a commercial, I discovered there is such a product that will disinfect the machine.  The brand I bought at the store is called “Affresh” & I’d go on the record saying – it works. It’s a tablet that you toss in the machine – Normal Wash – HOT water. (obviously, no clothes…..)

Things I learned:

1. Residue can build up if you use the wrong kind of washing detergent. This is not my case – I’m using liquid, name-brand – for all washers.

2. Shocker: It can also build up if you use TOO MUCH DETERGENT!  I came to the realization that I need to clarify how much each load really needs, because I may be guilty of putting too much.

3. The packaging recommends use once a month.  (This may be unnecessary depending on your situation.)

4.  If you already smell a musty smell, you have build up.  It recommends using up the package (3 packets) – running three separate loads.  This will cut all the crud – then you can begin the “once-a-month” thing.

5. It says it will irritate your eyes & skin.  So I got out of the laundry room  – – – It is definitely quite pungent.

6. Bonus: It fill the house with this wonderful “I’ve been cleaning all day & my house is spotless” smell.  A light, clean fragrance….

There are other brands you can try.  Next to this was a more expensive “Tide” brand that recommend more frequent uses and didn’t advertise more bang for my buck, so I went with Affresh.


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