A Scandalously Irish Reuben Sandwich Recipe

A Scandalously Irish Reuben Sandwich Recipe

My plans this weekend included celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a classic Reuben Sandwich and some sort of Irish-inspired drink. Of course I donned green in order to evade pinching, but that was about all that was “Truly Irish” in my plans.  It turns out the Reuben isn’t Irish, & Black & Tan drinks are offensive!  We did have some successes, though, and I’d like to share them today before next year’s St. Paddy’s Day rolls around!


  1. The Reuben is reported to come from possibly 2 origins – a Lithuanian-born man from Nebraska  named Reuben Kulakofsky  OR a German-born delicatessen owner in New York named Arnold Reuben. The original recipes aren’t made with “Thousand Island Dressing”…. They’re made with RUSSIAN dressing instead!
  2.  The famous drink “Black & Tan” that features a pale ale with Guinness poured atop it – will get you punched in the face in an Irish pub, because the Black & Tans were a paramilitary unit made up of British veterans employed by part of the Irish government to suppress Ireland 1920-21. They are known for their brutal civilian attacks on the Irish people.


  1. I had planned out a Reuben with the intention of trying out Irish Cheese to broaden my cheese-loving horizon.  I found one – FANTASTIC!  Very readily available in the “imported/special” cheese section of most groceries you’ll find “The Dubliner.” It will be 7-8oz of something that quite like gruyere or emmenthaler.  Very melty & very tasty. This provided the perfect homage to the Irish on an otherwise non-Irish sandwich.
  2. We didn’t see a “pale ale” we liked, so we chose Killian’s Red Ale – which is very Irish.  Add the Guinness & we accidentally created a “Black & Red,” which so far hasn’t been dubbed offensive in my research!
  3. The meal was MELT-IN-YOUR-MOUTH.  (Recipes Below)

Dubliner Cheese











Dubliner Reuben Sandwich:

5 slices Extra Thin-Sliced Corned Beef from the deli

2 thin slices of Dubliner Cheese

Sauerkraut like you prefer…. (2-3 tablespoons)

Thousand Island Dressing for spreading

Marble Rye….We used Pepperidge Farm  (Rye & Pumpernickel)

  1. Heat a double broiler using a large skillet & small-medium skillet with lid. (Large skillet gets boiling water – smaller skillet gets the ingredients.
  2. Place Corned Beef stacked up with sauerkraut  on top – in the smaller skillet.
  3. Steam Beef & sauerkraut for 5-7 min.
  4. Add slices of cheese on top of the sauerkraut – steam for 5-7 more minutes.
  5. Thousand Island (or Russian Dressing) goes on both sides of the bread.
  6. Grill it…Butter in the pan – thoroughly coat the bottom. Place sandwich in there.
  7. Grill 3 minutes. Pick up sandwich & add a tad more butter before you flip it. Coat it.
  8. Grill remaining side 3 min.  Flip again without re-buttering if needed.

    Rye & Pumpernickel Swirl Bread

SERVE HOT with a Four-leaf pickle garnish!

Black & Red  (Drink)

  1. Fill your mug or stein halfway with Killian’s Red Ale.
  2. Fill the remainder with Guinness Stout.  It will not  separate like the Black & Tan it blends together in a nice harmony for a smooth taste.  ….and rightfully so.


Happy St. Paddy’s Day in advance!  Or – ALL YEAR LONG!

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