Rabbit Salt Grinder: Ward off Evil On-the-Go!

Rabbit Salt Grinder: Ward off Evil On-the-Go!

A lot of the conversations and stories I recall from my time in Italy include the subject of superstition. What I learned: Basically, if you spill some salt – – Toss some more salt over your left shoulder, because you may have exposed yourself to bad omens.

Italians aren’t the only ones that have some issues with salt…. Some Buddhists say you should toss some over your should when you come back home from a funeral, because evil spirits might be hanging on your back. Sumo Wrestlers use it to purify the ring before they compete – a shinto religion practice. In India, a gift of salt can be considered a great honor. The list goes on….

‘Like to salt your food, have good luck, AND ward off evil spirits? These cute little rabbit-like salt and pepper grinders would be perfect for a gift or your own personal superstitions! Take a Preview of the action!

There’s a brand name out there called Chef’N that makes a lot of really cool kitchen gadgets.  If you are domestically challenged like me, they might make it more exciting to go into the kitchen something other than the microwave….  🙂 I had not heard of them until I visited a friend’s house & saw these two rabbits on her fridge.  They are magnetic so you can keep up with them & stop them from spilling (and bringing you bad luck…).

You can throw them in the camping gear, your picnic basket, or even in your purse for those working lunches – – – – or emergency evil eradication!

Where did she get them?  Bed Bath & Beyond.  I also found them on Amazon. Good Luck! 🙂

chef n grabbit med 1

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