A Pumpkin Pampering: Facial, Manicure, and Pedicure

A Pumpkin Pampering: Facial, Manicure, and Pedicure

As if I didn’t already love fall for its pumpkin flavors – – -I am enamoured with it even more!  The can of pumpkin has so many wonderful uses…… and now with a little discovery, the REAL THING is so versatile!  One Jack-O-Lantern project or recipe can give you a snack & some spa time!

This one’s easy folks – pumpkin guts = moisturization mask!  Coat your face, rub in your cuticles, and massage your feet with it!

Add honey or yogurt if you can’t stand the slime (They will make it more creamy).  The guts will firm up a bit as they dry on your skin.  Rinse clean!

Save seeds for a snack! Chop up pumpkin & bake, or use it in any other recipe you have that requires pumpkin!

Thanksgiving doesn’t need to be so stressful………..

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